Bosch SB7 control unit conversion kit

Grunemeyer Hydraulik

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Conversion kits are offered here as replacements for the mechanical control units of the Bosch SB7 series.

This block replaces the control unit in the system.
It has the same connection options and positions as the original control unit.
However, it replaces the original control mechanism with a simple passage to the reciprocating piston.
This means that the rear hydraulics can be operated directly via another control unit via connection “A”.

This means that the rear hydraulics can be operated electrically or an EHR can be retrofitted.
If necessary, a defective control unit can also be replaced cost-effectively.

Like the original control unit, the block has an integrated pressure relief valve.

The original flow to the flanged control devices remains unchanged.

The set therefore offers a wide range of options for converting the hydraulics.

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