Bosch SB7 system replica control unit hydraulic valve in SET


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New double-acting replica control units for the Bosch SB7 system are offered here in a complete set for easy retrofitting on the tractor.

The set comes complete as shown in the pictures.
The valve fits a wide range of tractors and manufacturers and is compatible with all Bosch SB7 control units.
The valve can be switched between double-acting and single-acting.

It is a 5/4-way valve, like the original Bosch valves. It has raise, neutral, lower and float positions.
The control unit can be switched between single-acting and double-acting using a grub screw on the back.
The control unit has a hydraulic limit switch on connection A, which means that when the maximum pressure is reached, the control unit unlocks and automatically returns to the neutral position. This corresponds to the function of the original SB7 control units.

Position A is locked.

The lowering position is not locked. If you switch further via the lowering position, the locked position floating position is switched on (consumer connections A and B connected to each other for the return flow). The floating position position can be used as a locked lowering position for both double-acting and single-acting lifting cylinders.

The control unit is simply integrated into the existing system using longer stud bolts.
The control unit has working connections at the bottom (like the original) and at the top. Thanks to the upper connections, it can be used even when there is little space for the steering knuckle.

It fits various tractors from the manufacturers (list may be incomplete):
IHC; Deutz; Fendt; Eicher; Schlüter; MB Trac; Guildner; Chandler; Lindner; Steyr; Porsche;

The set also contains a holder for attaching the new BG3 couplings.

The hoses have a length of 800mm.

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