Push-pull couplings BG3 holder 2+1

Grunemeyer Hydraulik

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Base plates are offered here for a double-acting control device and additional unpressurized return or up to two single-acting control devices with an additional unpressurized return.

This base plate enables the push/pull function of the plug-in couplings to be used correctly. For this purpose, the plug-in couplings with locking rings are mounted on the sheet metal so that they can rotate freely.
Now the plugs can only be inserted into the sockets by pulling or pushing.
This also ensures a tear-off function.

The base plate can be mounted in different positions and bent on the vice with reasonable quality thanks to the relief slots.
Fasteners that are not required can then be cut off.

Technical data:
- Sheet steel S235
- 4mm material thickness
- Laser cutting (with oxygen)
- Basic dimensions: 220x190mm

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