Kipper cordless screwdriver pump as an alternative to the hand pump in a SET

Grunemeyer Hydraulik

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Sets are offered here as an alternative to the classic hand pump on the tipper truck.
This system allows the hydraulic cylinder to be easily extended using a standard cordless screwdriver. The retraction takes place via the existing valve on the hand pump.
Thanks to the check valve, the hand pump can continue to be used as normal.

This set screws to the oil container drain plug.
As a rule, the drain plug has a 1/2" thread, but alternatives are also available.
The other end with the T piece is screwed into the existing line to the cylinder.

The hose has a length of 1.50m.

For an additional charge of €35, there is an alternative attachment with an angle and an additional hose to attach the pump to the frame.

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