Load sensing retrofit for Bosch SB7 system

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This newly developed system is a system to imitate a load sensing system in a tractor with Bosch SB7 control units.

Load sensing control blocks can then be connected to this system, for example liquid manure tanks via Power Beyond.

The system replaces the end plate in the tractor's control unit block.
This new end plate contains all the necessary valve technology.
The valve technology comes preset and generally requires no further adjustment work after installation.

The end plate contains a large main pressure relief valve and a pressure relief valve for the LS signal.
Integrated relief and damping for the LS signal stabilize the system.

The system can basically be installed in all tractors with Bosch SB7 control units.

Note to Fendt 600 owners!
Fendt installed a special system from Bosch in the 600 series. This means that the end plate version can only be mounted on the top of the control block (directly under the cabin).
As a result, the end plate LS system is only fed by one of the two hydraulic circuits.
We will probably be able to offer an intermediate plate version of the LS system by the middle of the year, which can then be mounted at the bottom and use both hydraulic circuits at the same time!

This problem explicitly does not affect other tractor types or manufacturers!

Technical data:
- max. pressure: 250 bar
- max. volume flow: 120 l/min
- preset LS pressure: 175 bar
- preset main pressure: 195 bar
- Delta-P-LS: 14 bar
- Connections: P=18L, T=18L, LS=8L

The accompanying technical documents with some notes and technical information are automatically made available for download after purchase.

Download accompanying technical document

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