Log splitter double pump valve rapid motion high/low pressure valve


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What is offered here is a high-pressure/low-pressure shut-off valve for use in wood splitters, presses or similar systems.

The valve is designed and developed for very high performance.

The valve is for systems with a double pump and two different performance levels.
The double pump should have a smaller stage (Ap) and a larger stage (Bp).
When the pressure is low, the large stage is switched on and the system runs at maximum volume flow with the small and large stages.

When the set pressure of stage Bp is reached, the large stage is switched off, relieved and the small stage Ap continues to run at a higher pressure.

This reduces the overall power requirement of the system and at the same time significantly increases the speed.

The switch-off pressures are adjustable.

Technical data:

Maximum volume flow
Ap line = 50 l/min
Bp line = 150 l/min
U line = 180 l/min.

operating pressure
Maximum pressure = 350 bar
Pressure level Ap= 50 ÷ 220 bar (default setting=180 bar at 5 l/min.)
Pressure level Bp= 20 ÷ 80 bar (default setting= 60 bar at 5 l/min.)

Temperature limits
min. -25°C max. 90°C with standard BUNA N gaskets

Weight = 13.5 kg

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