Hydraulic valve with rapid traverse and kick-out for log splitters


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This is a valve specifically designed for use in log splitters.
When extending, it significantly increases the piston speed thanks to the integrated rapid traverse function. The returning oil from the piston rod side of the cylinder is then additionally directed to the piston crown side.
As soon as the pressure in the cylinder increases (i.e. when the splitting wedge reaches the log), the valve switches back to the familiar double-acting function and the system splits the log at full pressure.

Then put the control unit in the rearmost position. This position is locked and the control unit retracts the cylinder without active operation. After reaching the end position, the valve switches back to neutral circulation and the oil runs through the system without pressure.
This function is also called kick-out.

The valve can be used in conjunction with a wide variety of systems.
The integrated pressure relief valve protects the system against overpressure.

Technical data:
- max. input volume flow: 80 l/min
- max working pressure: 250 bar
- Pump connection: G3/4"
- Tank connection: G3/4"
- Working connections A+B: G1/2"

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