Hand pump 25cm³ for double-acting functions with 5 liter tank


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New hand pumps from the TRALE brand, type BMTDE25F05, are offered here.

The hand pump can be used universally; oil is sucked out of the tank through the lower connection. A small suction filter protects the pump from coarse dirt.
The pressure can be relieved using the hand lever.
A special feature of this hand pump is the double-acting valve for controlling double-acting functions.
This means, for example, that double-acting cylinders can be pumped up and actively pumped down again after switching.

The hand pump is screwed onto a 5 liter steel tank with a breather.
Including the lever shown.

Technical data:
- double-acting (promotion during forward and return stroke)
- Displacement per stroke: 25 cm³
- Working connection: 3/8" BSP
- Max. operating pressure: 250 bar

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