Front loader vibration dampening with two membrane accumulators and shut-off valve

Grunemeyer Hydraulik

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Vibration dampening is offered here for retrofitting on the front loader.
The storage function significantly reduces the load on the tractor because the storage absorbs the shocks.

This set can be used equally for single-acting and double-acting front loaders.
It is mounted on the piston crown side of the master cylinder on double-acting front loaders.
The shut-off valve can be used to shut off the vibration dampening to prevent springing during precise work.

The use of two membrane accumulators with different preloads significantly expands the range in which the damping is actually active.
The 30 bar of one accumulator is optimal for an unloaded front loader, but would be too little for a front loader with an attached device.
The second storage tank with 70 bar then takes over the main load.

Technical data
- Storage volume: 0.35 or 0.50 liters
- Accumulator pre-pressure: 30 and 70 bar; alternatively 50 and 100 bar
- Connection thread: 15L pipe connection
- Length of the hose: 50 cm (longer is not recommended)
- maximum operating pressure: 190 bar

The system can of course also be used in other comparable systems than front loaders and bring corresponding advantages (snow blade, etc.).

Safety notice:
Please note that in systems with built-in hydraulic accumulators, the stored hydraulic fluid means that the work equipment can move even when the pump is not in operation. Maintenance and repair work on systems with hydraulic accumulators may only be carried out when the accumulator is relieved of pressure and shut off.

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