Professional front loader monoblock single lever / joystick control device


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Professional AKON front loader control units including Bowden cable and lever with optional buttons are offered here.

The control device is a professional solution.
Both sections are double-acting and one section also has a locked floating position. Hardened and coated sliders ensure good longevity and wear resistance.

The control unit is suitable for an open center system (constant current system) or load-sensing variant, depending on the version selected.
An adjustable pressure relief valve is also installed in the block.

Technical data
Max. volume flow: 90 l/min
Max. pressure: 250 bar
Connections: P, A, B=1/2" BSP; T=3/4" BSP
Temperature range: -15 to 80°C

In the constant current version, the valve comes with pressure transfer (but can also be designed as an open or closed center version if required).

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