Electrical control unit for Bosch SB7 System SRZ

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Newly developed control blocks are offered here for direct retrofitting of an electrical control device or for additional retrofitting of an electrical actuation of an existing mechanical control device.

The built-in control unit is double-acting as standard and locked in the zero position.

The block replaces the end plate in the Bosch SB7 system and is screwed in place. This means that assembly and conversion effort is very low.

The block was specifically designed for this application and made from aluminum. The block is hard anodized for optimal corrosion resistance.

A seat valve ensures the pilot control of the installed CETOP valve and prevents a loss of pressure through the valve technology.

A pressure relief valve is also integrated to protect the block and the pump. In addition, the integration of the pressure relief valve enables the system to be installed in the 300 and 600 series from Fendt, where a pressure relief valve was installed in the end plate.

The set is delivered completely ready for installation with valves, plugs and seals.
Complete documentation with assembly and operating instructions is also included.

If required, a separate plug can also be supplied. The plug then enables integration of another external block with pressure transfer.

Alternatively, the pilot valve can also be used as a pilot valve for other external closed-center valve blocks.

Download the accompanying documentation:

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