Electrically proportional 3-way flow control valve with control

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Here we sell ready-made electrically proportional current controllers with control.
The system can be used to regulate the hydraulic volume flow remotely. This makes it possible, for example, to adjust the speed of hydraulic motors or the volume flow in hydraulic valves.
One application, for example, is the regulation of the scraper floor speed in loading wagons or manure spreaders.
In addition, direct adjustment of the ramp function enables the soft start and deceleration of the volume flow to be adjusted.
A maximum value can also be set.

The flow regulator is a 3-way flow control valve, which means excess flow is returned to the tank.
This means that the valve can also be used in constant current systems without increasing the pressure.

A fuse and a main switch are integrated into the control.
When the main switch is turned off, the entire volume flow is returned to the tank.
The controller next to it sets the prioritized volume flow.

The offer also includes the 2m supply cable with a three-pin plug and a 5m supply cable between the adjustment box and the flow control valve.

The system is completely pre-assembled and ready for immediate use.

Technical data:
- Supply voltage: 12 VDC
- Maximum volume flow: 40 l/min or 80 l/min
- Maximum pressure: 270 bar
- Protection class: IP65 (setting box: IP67)
- Connection thread: 1/2" BSP

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