5-fold control block with control 1x NG10 4xNG06, LS capable

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Ready-made control blocks with a toggle switch box and a matching cable set are offered here.
With the control block, for example, an electro-hydraulic control can be retrofitted to the slurry tanker or various other devices.

The control block basically consists of three different areas.
The first area is a large NG10 block with a double-acting NG10 function for hydraulic motors (unloaded in the basic position).
This section also has an adjustable throttle check valve to limit the volume flow (and thus the speed of any connected motor) in this section.
The central block offers the necessary valve technology for switching between LS and constant current operation. Switching takes place via a handwheel.
The LS damping and the LS relief are also integrated here.
The third part of the block is an NG06 block with four double-acting sections for any cylinder functions (single-acting and double-acting). These sections are locked in the basic position.

This offer includes the control in the form of a toggle switch box.
The first four toggle switches in the proven OIL box are momentary, for the NG06 sections, the fourth toggle switch is latching for controlling the NG10 section.
A fuse is integrated into the box.

The scope of delivery also includes a connection cable with a three-pin plug and the connection cable for the magnets (labelled).
Also included is an extension cable with a length of five meters and the connection cable with a three-pin plug.

The control for the pilot valve (referred to as ECG in the cable set) is integrated in the control box.

Technical data:
- adjustable max. LS pressure: 100-290 bar
- Max. volume flow with constant current operation: 100 l/min
- Max. volume flow in LS operation: up to 250 l/min
- Max. volume flow per NG06 section: 60 l/min
- max. volume flow per NG10 section: 120 l/min
- Switching voltage: 12 VDC
- P/T connections: 3/4" BSP
- NG06 working ports: 3/8" BSP
- NG10 working ports: 1/2" BSP
- LS connection: 1/4" BSP

Other configurations are available upon request!

Download the accompanying documentation here

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